Screws Locking System and Large Fragment

We are Manufacturer of External Fixation System, Intramedullary Interlocking Nails Elegant, Foot & Ankle Implants, Surgical Power Tools etc.

Large Fragment- Locked Plates & Screws

Foot & Ankle Implants

3D Locked PlateGet Quotation

3D Locked Plate

Curved Locked PlateGet Quotation

Curved Locked Plate

H-locked PlateGet Quotation

H-locked Plate

Surgical Power Tools

Orthopedic Instruments

Dual Mobility CupGet Quotation

Dual Mobility Cup

Interlocking Nails & Bolts

Locking Bolts 4.0 mmGet Quotation

Locking Bolts 4.0 mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screws Locking System

Dorsal and Volar Locking System

DHS and Angled Blade

Pelvic Implants and Instrument

Pins and Wires

Denham PinGet Quotation

Denham Pin

Knowles PinGet Quotation

Knowles Pin

Intramedullary Interlocking Nails

Small Fragment Locked Plates & Screws

Oral Maxillofacial

Mini Fragment- Locked & Non Locked

Large Fragment- Non Locked Plates

ACL and PCL Reconstruction

ACL ScrewsGet Quotation

ACL Screws

PCL ScrewsGet Quotation

PCL Screws

Small Fragment- Non Locked

Orthopedic Nails

Orthopedic NailsGet Quotation

Orthopedic Nails


HIP CementedGet Quotation

HIP Cemented

Hip Prosthesis

Orthopedic Implants

Safety Mask

MaskGet Quotation


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